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You want to make a great website. You are a rookie and don't want to make yourself bankrupt. So what you will do now? Well I was like you when I started my first website. So I like to introduce you to some powerful but free features, which will help you to create your own space in the World Wide Web (www). You will know here where to go for your web add-ons and everything you need to know

Free Web Hosting

For preparing your free website the thing you need first of all, is a free host. Well do not worry to much there are many of them. Even there are so many of them that you may get confused which one is best for you. All you need to do ask yourself what services you want for your website and there is the answer.  A web host offers important things like webspace, bandwidth, domain name, email etc. More

Search Engine Submission
Well you made your free website now what?? Of course you want your website to have a search engine ranking. This is the most important for a website to be recognized by the search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN etc. People around the world don't know that you made a great website unless they could find it in the search engines. Everyday milions of people search through google, yahoo, msn and if they can't see your page their you are not doing enough work then. 
Free cool Add-ons
You want to look your your website cool. Well you need add-ons for that. There are many companies offering add-ons. Some are free, some are not. Guestbook, forum, videos, cartoons, news, templates are some of those very important web tools you need to attract more visitors. 
Earn Cash
Want to earn money from your website?? So many people earning why not you!! 

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