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Previously I told you about many free web hosts but remember free webhosts are not always good for you. If you are serious about your website, if this is your true passion then go for paid hosting. Though lots of companies offering big webspace and larger bandwidth but at the end of the day you don't know they might sometime just vanishes not only with all their promises but also with all your customers, visitors and money And you need to start making another website from the scratch.
        Super Web Host is one company where you can get great plans for your website hosting. They are not only one of the cheapest (if there is another cheapest one), but also reliable and having great programmes that suits your need.
They are asking 3.99$/month for
1000 MB Data Storage
150 GB Data Transfer
1 Domain Hosted
You can even contact the webmaster to create plan according to your need.
Click here to join this programme now.

If you find any abnormalities or any problem in the above mentioned free webhosts please let us know at and we will definately update latest information and try to sort out the problem that caused the trouble.

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