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You made a great website. Congrats. But how do you feel if you don’t see visitors’ activity in your site? The counter is getting only hits from your own visit. I know how do you feel. The proper word would be ‘Horrible’ or ‘Frustrated’? You might have your own words to describe this feeling.


So what is the solution?


Well you can try some great add-ons e.g. forum, chat, articles, cartoons.


1.      Forums: They are really great because your visitors can communicate with each other, solve their related problems their. It’s like their own free space where they can discuss related topics. One more plus point of this feature is you every time doesn’t need to answer all questions. Your potential and valuable visitors will solve the problems themselves and if you know a bit more, why not to add your comments!! It also will work like FAQs. So one way or another you will be benefited from this.


2.      Chat: Well this a place where your tired visitors can relax and spent their free time in chit chatting. Everybody loves relaxing a bit.



3.      Web journals: What I can say they are really great. If your visitors find a place where they can write their articles or say blogs, they will be very happy to visit your site more often.


4.      Polls:  What is in others mind could be know by a small poll service. If the topic of the poll is interesting and current visitors might come and make their opinion and might come to see the results of the poll. This is not a superb idea but could be tried out. After all you are not going to loose anything.


5.      Cool Stuff: Ecards, cartoons, daily news, horoscopes etc are those cool stuff which helps you to enrich your site with more content and believe me, these stuffs draw a good amount of traffic to your website.




But what if still not getting visitors!!!


I can suggest you one solution. Go for traffic exchange programs. Some are just bluff but some are really good. Some says that they will serve you thousands of potential customers for $$$ or . Well what I think is, if your site is really good then you don’t need to pay someone to deliver traffic to your site and paying good cash for that.


What you can do is sign in to some traffic exchange programs. They are not going to ask for money and they only refer someone to your site only when you visit others sites. Sounds quite reasonable aren’t it? offers such a free program.

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Bravenet is offering one very good opportunity to exchange traffic. You send them one and you will get one. Bravenet is one of the renouned website whom you can easity trust. Click here to join

One more program that helps you getting good traffic is traffic zap. It is simply you refer them two visitors and you get one. 2:1 ratio. They also give you 10% bonus traffic on refferals

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Free link referral program is also offered from Free Link Exchange and Directory. They have two types of programs for you and both are free, so you are not going to loose anything. Click here to join now.

Attention!!!! Do remember not simple link exchange is going to help you. You should exchange link with websites similar to yours. Don't exchange link with a pharmaceutical website when your website is about astrology. Search engines loves your website if you exchange link with websites having similar theme.

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