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Do you know what is front page? Of course you do. If you don’t know don’t worry, after reading this content you will have the basic idea about front page. First of all front page is a software programmed by Microsoft. You can build you website here in front page. You might need to know basics of HTML to edit something in front page.

Though it looks very similar to Microsoft Word but let me tell you why it is different… you can publish your page from here!!! Sounds great!! Isn’t it? 

Like Microsoft word you can add a page, you even can add page color, add text, add clip art and many more. But what especially you can do with FrontPage is view site, organize site, expand site, add theme, add forms, add hyperlinks to text, images, and email links. You also can get reports about broken links, slow pages or recently added files. You can get a preview of your site in browser, check your browser compatibility and finally publish to server.

To add more fun stuff, you can put animated graphics, music and even movie clips to your site. So cool right!! 

There are many websites who can even teach you how to use front page. Below there is a list of some. They are really good.  

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